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Sydney Deal - Recharge Re-Chargeable or ORDINARY Batteries with this Universal Battery Charger! 1 for $59 or TWO for $99!

  • 56% DISCOUNT
  • $76 SAVE
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No wonder these complimentary batteries never worked, they came "free of charge"..! That’s right folks, bad jokes might be a mainstay of the SUREdeal office but we’re serious about providing great deals every day for customers all over Australia! Deals like this fantastic Universal Battery Charger for just $59 – or get 2 for only $99! Simply plug it into a powerpoint and this ingenious charger can put the spark back into batteries ranging from AAA to AA, C and D sized batteries and 9V ones too! It can even refresh ordinary batteries (i.e. non-rechargeable) up to ten times, as well as giving re-chargeable batteries a new lease of life. This means you can get 10x more use from your normal batteries AND save yourself from paying a bundle for new ones! Each battery cradle has a corresponding LED display. When inserted, a spent battery will flash red at first, then flash green and red (when almost charged) and finally flash green (when fully charged) – it’s just that easy! If you’re unsure about a battery that could be faulty, the Universal Battery Charger has an in-built Channel Protection system that emits an audible warning for you to check the problem battery. Once the faulty one’s removed, or re-settled properly in its cradle, your charger will continue to function as normal! At up to 63% off, SUREdealers are going to snatch up this chance to put the spark back into their batteries so hit ‘BUY DEAL’ now for this electrifying offer!

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