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Sydney Deal - Keep Your Wallet (and Your Health!) from Going up in Smoke with Tobacco Free E-Shisha Pipes

  • 52% DISCOUNT
  • $15 SAVE
  • 56 SOLD
Feel like stepping out to light up a cigarette but don’t want to miss out on the party? Or maybe the party’s already on outside but you don’t like to smoke? Maybe you just want to stop stinking up your clothes, house or car from regular cigarettes? Why not join in the latest smoking sensation AND be the one to introduce a craze that’s been SWEEPING the club-scenes of America and Europe with the E-Shisha Pipe from SUREdeal? Get 1 for $14, 2 for $26 or 3 for $34! These long-lasting, fruit-flavoured vapour cigarettes contain ZERO Tobacco, ZERO Nicotine and ZERO Tar or Toxins – just 100% pure fun! Check out how they've been received in trendy London recently: Watch the LED at the end light up when you inhale a refreshing fruit flavoured mist (Grape or Apple) – JUST LIKE a real cigarette without any of the bad stuff! Unlike a normal cigarette that a smoker will get about 10 puffs from, these great E-Shishas also provide 250-500 inhalations instead - that’s 50 TIMES more than a regular cigarette! It’d be a real drag to miss out on one smokin’ hot offer like this – so hit ‘BUY DEAL’ now to avoid disappointment!

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