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Sydney Deal - Add a Splash of Colour, Calm & FISH with the USB Desk Aquarium!

  • 56% DISCOUNT
  • $50 SAVE
  • 2 SOLD
Studies have shown that keeping an aquarium can reduce your stress and lower your blood pressure? So if you know someone in a high stress job, the best gift you could give them is the USB Desk Aquarium! The USB Desk Aquarium with adjustable overhead LED light can reduce stress in four ways. Firstly, the benefits of watching live fish gliding effortlessly around the tank, while the multi-coloured interior light provides an ever changing display. Secondly, the running water filter provides oxygen for your fish, creates beneficial negative ions in the air and the soothing sound of running water helps you concentrate. If that’s not enough your Aquarium also plays your choice of 5 different nature sounds to further lower your stress and sooth your senses. Thirdly, you can stay in touch with reality with the LCD Calendar and Alarm clock.  And lastly, the stationery holder will help you remove the clutter from your desk to help clear your mind (just be careful to put your phone in the caddy and not the fish tank!). The calendar and alarm clock are powered by 3 x AA batteries, while the filter plugs into any USB port. The USB Desk Aquarium has a 1.4 litre capacity, which makes it a great size for Siamese Fighting Fish (remember only one or they’ll fight), or 2 to 3 White Clouds or Guppies Just LOOK how easy this state-of-the-art aquarium is to set up! <br> All this at a price of just $39 means SUREdealers save a whopping 56%! With stocks limited on this offer, hit ‘BUY DEAL’ now and make sure this innovative fish aquarium doesn’t become the deal that got away!

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